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3 Beauty Products I'm Loving This Summer + Recipe For DIY Refreshing Face Spray

I've recently added 3 new products to my daily, all natural skin care routine and as promised, want to keep it as updated for you guys as possible! Our skin needs a little help adjusting to hot & humid weather. Here are my go-to skincare products of the Summer that will help protect, balance and refreshen your skin!

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A Complete Guide To Essential Oils & My Favorite Ways To Use Them

Learning how to incorporate the use of essential oils in my daily life has helped me take giant leaps towards a more holistically healthy lifestyle. Not only have I replaced certain medications with a simple drop of oil, but I get to enjoy these health benefits while also filling my home with a blissful aroma. In this post, I’ve broken down the different was to use essential oils and a list of my particular favorites. Whether you’re looking for a natural alternative to skincare products, hoping to add some relaxation to your days or even just for the delicious fragrance, I’ve got you!

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My daily (and completely natural) skincare routine

The nicest thing we could do for our skin and ourselves is avoid using highly medicated, unnatural or harmful remedies on it. I finally have a skin care routine that only requires healthy, natural products and keeps my face feeling clean, vibrant and happy! So here is exactly what I use and how I use it!

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