7 Things I'm Loving Lately

Hi, friends! Lately, I have been super caught up in sorting out my life. I've been busy perfecting my resume, job hunting, and recreating my blog/brand. But as busy as we humans get, it’s always important to take time and enjoy the little things that each day has to offer. So, here are some things I've been loving on recently- the things keeping me sane

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10 Ways To Find Inspiration Again

If you've been feeling stuck or just plain uninspired, these ideas will help you manifest that inspiration back into your life!

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Welcoming May, Growth & Planting Seeds

Happy May, loves! Nature’s beauty is in full bloom, and so shall we be! Join me in welcoming May, Growth and planting the seeds of our future.

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5 Simple ways to Go Green in your daily routines!

In honor of Earth Day, I've put together a small collection of ways that we can make our daily lives more eco-friendly! These tips are all small, simple changes that are easy to maintain and make it SO easy to Go Green! 

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Let's talk about success

From personal experience, I can assure you that living up to anybody's standards of success aside from your own will only leave you feeling unfulfilled, incomplete, and like you failed. After all, if you judge a fish by how well he can fly, he'll spend his whole life believing he's stupid!

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7 Habits for Happier Living

You don't need to dedicate a huge chunk of your free time to self-improvement, either. As a matter of fact, most of the little tasks that improve the quality of my days are ones that I would already be doing, just done a little more mindfully. Take these tips for what they are, try one or maybe all of them, work them into your daily schedule however they fit. After a week, see what sticks, what doesn't, and what serves you the best!

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Hello, April! Welcoming Spring & Awakening

Hello, April! And Happy Easter, lovelies.

Spring is in the air! I love this time of year. What a privilege it is to witness everything around us come back to life after their long winter sleep. The smells, the colors, the warming air- I am so excited to be able to take my yoga practice back outside. But, what I love the most about April is the swirling sense of new inspiration that awakens with the rest of the world. 


Theme of the month

That being said, I figured a perfect theme for this month would be "awaken." I hope you all use this motivating and refreshing time of year to awaken to your passions. Let your heart follow it's true path to finding what makes it siiiiing! 

There is limitless light, wisdom and excellence inside of each and every one of us. And we're each here to fulfill a unique purpose in this world. When we are in tune with ourselves, when we are awakened to our purpose, we can shine it into the world like beaming sun rays. Your purpose will stem from doing what you truly love, and doing it with intention. 

What do you love to do? Do more of that.

Say yes to any new opportunities that present themselves to you this month. You never know where inspiration is hiding or what you'll encounter that awakens those true passions inside of you. Remember, it's never too late to fulfill your heart's desire.


Quote of the month-

“Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.” The Buddha

There is nothing comparable to the one who is awakened. There is nothing that could stop you from reaching your goals if you believe in them, and your power, whole-heartedly. Follow your path fiercely and trust it.

Whatever this quote translates as for you personally, keep it in mind throughout your month. Come back to it, re-examine it. Set your intentions around allowing yourself to be awakened.

Say yes to any new opportunities that present themselves to you this month. You never know where inspiration is hiding or what you'll encounter that awakens those true passions inside of you. Remember, it's never too late to fulfill your heart's desire.


Mantras of the month

"I am ready to receive" 

"My heart remains open to what's meant for me"

"I allow myself to recognize the fear that comes with finding my purpose"

"I am brave"

"I am a field of all possibility"

The common theme here is simply remaining open to what may manifest into your life. And be brave! Trust yourself, trust your journey, open up your heart and mind- good things will come to you. 

Don't offer resistance to things that come your way by letting self-doubt and worries block the path- simply acknowledge those feelings, notice that they do not serve you, and let them pass. And then continue along your path to total fulfillment!


Yoga Pose of the month

Camel- Ustrasana

Any variation of Camel Pose that calls to you. The perfect, heart-opening pose that can really push you to the end of your comfort zone. Find your edge in this pose and then push yourself JUST slightly past it, being mindful not to push too far. Listen to your body and play here! My favorite variation of Camel is adding mermaid arms (I dig the extra stretch anywhere I can get it). Try working this pose into your own flow a couple times.

Tips for Camel Pose-

  • Keep your alignment in mind- Keep your knees hips distance apart (toes can stay tucked for balance or untucked for more extension), draw your hips directly above your knees and tuck your tailbone in.

  • Engage your core- pull in your belly to engage, this helps to protect your lower back

  • Backbending- imagine you are rounding backwards over a giant beach ball- reaching through the crown of the head and keeping your core engaged! Place your hands on your lower back for support to start.

  • Breathe, breathe, breathe- Use your breath to draw you deeper into the pose.

  • If you're new to Camel- play with bringing one hand down to your heel at a time and switch. Then maybe try both hands to heels!



Essential Oil of the month

Aspire- Enliven & AWAKEN your senses with this magical blend of lime and cardamom. This oil matches our theme perfectly by creating a sense of mental openness and clarity, but also providing a grounding sensation with Hyssop and Cedarwood oils. Plus it smells SO delightful! I will personally be wearing this as my perfume for the entire month of April.

You can grab your own bottle on my Döterra website!

If you take away just one thing from this post, let it be the belief that what is meant for you will come (in time) through staying true to yourself, your journey, and doing what you love. Intentionally awaken yourself to these things! You can't go wrong when you're coming from a place of love! 


Wishing you all a bright & happy Spring! 

Sending all love,