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3 Ways To Have A Holly, Jolly, Minimalist Christmas

I love getting into the holiday spirit, but the clutter that typically comes along with it? Not so much. In these last two years, I’ve discovered sooo many ways to light up the holiday spirit without seasonally themed dish towels or random knick knacks strewn about. Don’t get me wrong— if that’s your jam, own it! But if you’re interested in keeping your holidays happily low-key (and saving some moolah on decorations), read on!

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How to Keep The Holidays Healthy, Happy & Stress-Free

Is it just me, or is there a strange, dual energy that sweeps into our lives as the holidays approach? Along with the overwhelming rush of Christmas shopping madness, there’s still the incredible joy and warmth of spending time with friends, family and…FOOD! Let this post serve as a reminder that throughout all the excitement, it’s still important to slow down, recharge and keep ourselves feeling healthy! How can we do that exactly?

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