Boost Your Confidence, Boost Your Health (teeth whitening for sensitive teeth!)

Get 15% off your order with code: wildflowerways15

Get 15% off your order with code: wildflowerways15

First, let me start by saying that happiness does not solely depend on how we look on the outside. But I made this blog with the intention of keeping it real with y’all and sharing my own perspective, personal growth and opinions with hopes that I find a community that connects to it. This means sharing the things I really believe in, and over the last couple years, I’ve come to believe that the effort I put into feeling good on the outside positively correlates to how I feel on the inside.

I believe that building up our own self-confidence generally is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Putting in the effort to feel good on the outside actually makes our insides dance a little happy dance and helps shifts our minds to a perspective of  healing. It lifts our spirits, encourages us to better ourselves and heightens motivation! As a matter of fact, studies have shown that looking and dressing your best will encourage you to do your best work. This is why on days when I work from home, I still get showered, dressed and ready to kick some butt!

The correlation is simple- Take care of yourself on the outside and you will feeeeel healthier on the inside.

For this (and many other reasons), we shouldn’t feel guilty about pampering ourselves. Girl, if you wanna get your hair done, nails done, lashes done, shit whatever it is, ROCK IT. Walk out of the salon feeling majestic and powerful AF. Use this current of positive energy to slay the rest of your DAY/WEEK/MONTH. When we already feel our best, it’s so easy to ride the wave and make healthier decisions throughout the day. We’ll show up to that cycle class, we’ll choose the healthier lunch option, etc. What I’m saying is- when we invest in ourselves, it truly shows.

Here are a couple ways I continue to boost my outer confidence

Multi-colored manis- All about rainbow nails recently! Every two weeks, I return to my fave nail salon to see my fave nail artist- Mae. She always hooks it up and helps me choose colors that compliment each other in a fun and pretty way! We have the best conversations about life and our fiancés which is a bonus day-brightener :)

Maintaining a soft glow- Ok, been slacking on this one just a little bit recently, but I feel 10x more confident when I build up a light tan. This is totally personal preference, I just happen to like my skin with a little glow. I’ll hop in a tanning bed every once in a while, but I mostly use at home self tanners like Pacifica’s Crystal Bronze Shimmering Body Oil.

Whitening my teeth- I used to be an avid crest white strip user. Unfortunately, last year I discovered that Crest brand is not cruelty-free. For me, this factor is super important in choosing beauty and skincare brands. So I ditched Crest and put teeth whitening on the back burner for a while. I learned about Smile Brilliant through a couple Instagram ads and after learning that they’re both vegan and cruelty-free, decided to take a leap and try em out!

The process is pretty neat. Once you complete your purchase, they’ll send you an impressions kit (similar to the one you had done as a kiddo when you got braces).

Get 15% off your order with code:  wildflowerways15

Get 15% off your order with code: wildflowerways15

With their crystal clear instructions, it’s nearly impossible to mess up your impressions! Plus, you get to play dentist for a little while and that’s fun lol. Once your impressions are nice and dry, you ship those babies right back to Smile Brilliant, in the pre-paid package they include for you, so they can craft up your personalized whitening trays.

One thing I was concerned about starting the process was my sensitive teeth. Crest white strips always left my teeth feeling sore for days at a time and made eating cold/hot things virtually impossible. And while I still experienced slight tooth sensitivity using Smile Brilliant, it was super easy to curb using the “Sensitivity Gel” included in the kit. Honestly, I’ve been really happy with my results and totally recommend Smile Brilliant as my preferred teeth whitening brand!

Here are some before/after photos for anyone interested in getting started with Smile Brilliant!


Come catch me over on the gram for a chance to win your own Smile Brilliant Whitening kit! Plus, enjoy 15% off your purchase using the code wildflowerways15 :) That’s pretty much it for my spiel today. As always, I’m here to answer any questions you may have or just to chat it up! Happy Monday, friends!

This post was written in partnership with Smile Brilliant Co. All thoughts and opinions are always my own!