How I Stay Healthy On The Road- Trip Prep!

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Hey friends! It is almost officially SUMMERTIME and with that, comes my fave time of the year- road trip season!

Each Summer, Mike and I plan at least one road trip/camping adventure in the Subi. It started with a trip down to South Carolina to see the solar eclipse in 2016, and since then I’ve made it from CA to PA and up through the coast of Maine and back. So I’ve pretty much become a pro at prepping my body to stay happy and healthy even with a constantly changing environment and nights spent sleeping on the ground.

As I start to prep for our upcoming trip to Wanderlust and Bonnaroo, I figured I’d share some of my healthy tips and tricks for you adventurous souls! Here’s how I stay healthy on the road-

Before you leave

Start Early- I honestly start prepping my body a couple weeks before a trip if I can. We have definitely planned a few last minute trips leaving me minimal time to really “prep,” but I’ve found that the times I have had a couple extra weeks to boost my immune system or even detox a little is when my body has the easiest time on the road.

Boost ya vitamins- If you’re not an avid vitamin taker, try making this a priority leading up to a road trip! Any extra boost of vitamin C your immune system gets will make it that much stronger.

Vegans- Make sure to pack up your daily B12 and D3 supplements! PS- I plan on doing a full post on how to supplement on a vegan diet :) Lemme know if you’re into it!

Rest up- If you know you’re heading out on an upcoming adventure, take it eassssy, tiger. Don’t schedule a marathon the day before you leave (or when you get home, for that matter). Your body is gonna get tired on the road, so it needs all the rest it can get leading up to it. Your muscles will thank you later.

Prepare Some Healthy Snacks- Nuts, protein bars and these peanut butter protein balls are all perfect, energy and nutrient boosting snacks to have on hand! If you don’t plan on packing your own, stop places that have some healthy options rather than hitting the McDonalds drive-thru. As close to whole foods as you can get will give you a much more sustainable energetic boost. Plus, you don’t need that junk weighing down on your immune system!

On The Road

Hydrate! - I cannot say it enough- hydration is the key to staying well. If this means pulling over an extra time or two to pee, so be it. I recommend purchasing a high-quality reusable water bottle (I love my Zoku) to carry with you everywhere.

Amp Up The Supplements- I mentioned vitamins earlier, and I mean it! Even if you’re not super into supplements in your daily diet, having something with you on the road like 8Greens Supergreens Dietary Supplement will help you get a healthy intake of greens and important nutrients throughout your travels. Cause believe me, as much as the world is progressing health-wise, you’ll still find some towns loaded with fast food restaurants and minimal green options.

Essential Oils- Things can get rough when you’re on the road for hours a day, and I, for one, am prone to headaches and a little bit of motion sickness if the roads start curving (eek). I make sure to bring along my Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger oils to alleviate any of the icky feelings that may arise. Rolling these (especially the peppermint) along my forehead brings me right back to life.

Move yo body- One of the best ways I stay healthy is by keeping active. On the road, whenever we stop for a bathroom break, I’ll stretch it out, shake it out and take a little walk before hopping back into the tight space again. Especially if you eat out a lot while traveling, it’s super important to work in some movement and avoid feeling like a bloated mess!

That’s about it for a little sneaky peak into what my travel health routines look like. Nothing crazy, but enough to keep me feeling my best so I can fully enjoy the views and adventures! Have any healthy travel trips of your own? Share below! I’d love to hear em :)