What I'm Doing To Make My Days More Productive

Hi there! Do you ever feel like the day has flown by and you have little to show for it? Because…I do… pretty often lol. I’m a “roll with the punches” kinda girl, so when it comes down to it, the idea of sticking to a to-do list isn’t super promising. I like to take random walks when the weather is nice, snuggle my pup, take an impromptu trip to Trader Joe’s, etc. Last week, I had a rolling list of about 20 things to do from Monday-Friday and by the end of the week, only 5 of them were checked off. 5!! This warranted some much-needed time to reflect and brainstorm how I could boost my productivity without sacrificing those little in-between moments I love so dearly. Here’s what I’ve been practicing and have found super helpful to make the most out of my daylight -

Starting the day with a short, but meaningful meditation

Each morning, I take the time to clear the clutter and create space. It’s like hitting a “reset” button for my thoughts- dropping the stagnant ones that are only taking up room and inviting a fresh and clear perspective for the day ahead.

Making a realistic to-do list the night before

It feels SO good to complete a written out to-do list, am I right? For me, a rolling to-do list won’t cut it. So I started prepping my days the night before and coming up with 3 important tasks to prioritize when I wake up. Checking off those 3, stapled tasks is a much clearer boundary for myself throughout the day, and leaves me some wiggle room for a last minute hike with the pooch if it calls me. This may vary depending on your schedule, but try to limit the number of “important tasks” you throw on your day’s to-do list and instead, disperse them throughout the week. It’s easy to feel like we’ve failed ourselves when we fall short, so set yourself up for success!

Waking up a little bit earlier each day

Obviously, the earlier we wake up, the more time we have in our day, making it easier to flow through our daily tasks without stress. I feel much less productive when I begin my day in a frantic rush, so I started setting my alarm just 10 minutes earlier at a time to give myself some morning buffer time. I’m already a morning person, but it’s helped me appreciate my mornings even more!

Designating time for social media

We are creatures of habit, and for a TON of us, that habit is scrolling. I’m super guilty of this, too. I find myself being a lot more productive when I block out certain times of the day to catch up, engage in the Instagram community, absorb new content, etc. and refrain from habitually checking/refreshing my feed and email every 5 minutes. We don’t realize how much time we are actually wasting….and for nothing!

And lastly, fully focus on the task at hand. My productivity increases drastically when I stop trying to multi-task my way through the day, and rather put in the effort to finish what I start. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up.

Life is fast enough, so don’t forget to truly live it, breathe it & enjoy it.

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