5 Small Health-Conscious Habits That Actually Make A Huge Difference

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Heyyyyyo, happy Wednesday friends! I woke up feeling a little extra grateful for my health today. With Mike healing a sprained ankle, I’ve been much more aware of the beauty of our bodies and how so much of the time we take them for granted. It’s super easy to brush off for another time, but much of our long term health relies on the small, daily habits we create now. Taking small steps will eventually transform the big picture. So if we wanna live a more healthy life, let’s start with changing a couple things we do daily! Here are 5 tips to feeling optimally healthy everyday (and pssst, they’re super simple!) —

Drink more water

Consistently hydrating your body with water throughout the day will flush the toxins out, strengthen your immune system and can also help manage weight gain! This is #1 on the list for a very good reason- it’s so important to keep ourselves hydrated. Dehydration can cause immediate discomfort such as headaches and fatigue, but can also cause long-term damage to organs in the body. Stay hydrated, y’all!

Hint: Our bodies become dehydrated overnight while we sleep, so make it a priority to drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning! It’ll help jumpstart your metabolism and digestive system and clear your mind for a more productive morning :) Bonus points if you add lemon!


We can allll agree that this is sometimes much easier said than done. But stress has an enormous negative impact on our overall health and can contribute to diseases including diabetes and heart disease. So set aside time each day to slow down, collect your thoughts & connect to your center.

Hint: Breathing is typically second nature, however when we feel overwhelmed with stress, it can become short and shallow. When this happens, pause and shift focus to your breath. Mindful breathing will encourage the body’s relaxation response to kick in, slow your heart rate, level emotions and lower blood pressure.

Take a minimalist approach- declutter

We don’t typically think of our physical possessions being linked to our emotional and mental health, but there is a definite connection between physical clutter and emotional clutter. Give yourself the gift of mental clarity by cleaning out your closets.

Go to bed at a reasonable time each night

When we’re falling behind in one area of life, getting enough sleep is often the first sacrifice we make. In reality, giving up more hours of sleep will just dig us deeper into a hole. A lack of sleep can cause serious imbalance in our lives, making us sick, burned out & unable to focus during the day. My advice- make GOOD sleep a priority!

Mid-day movement

Movement of our bodies isn’t just great for long-term health. Circulation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels all start to improve within just a couple minutes of movement. Not to mention that getting our heart rate up each day will build strength in our heart muscle and lower risk for heart disease. If you wanna feel good throughout your day, movement is key! It’s a natural energy and mood booster, and guys, it’s ALWAYS available. It’s as easy as doing a couple jumping jacks or taking a walk around the block.

At the end of the day, these little healthy habits are quite simple, it’s just a matter of making them a priority. So prioritize your health now and lookout for your future self, too! Pencil these habits (and other self-care practices) into your schedule just as you would a deadline or a meeting. Use it as a reminder that these things are just as important, if not more-so, than completing work tasks, etc.

Sending you all love! Talk to you over on the gram!