Avocado Toast- My Secret (And Nutrient-packed) Ingredients

Hello there my friends! Long time, no type. My goal was to post a a blog at least once a week (more if the inspo strikes me) and hopefully I’ll get back to that in these upcoming months. Honestly, I’ve been at this strange crossroad in my life and spending time tapping into what direction to go from here, what I truly want. Annnnyways, I’ll keep y’all updated of course but today, the star of the show is this BOMB avocado toast…..


Ok there are like 5 million different ways to make avo toast and in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong here. We all love avocado toast. Most of us would probably be cool just smearing avocados on bread and calling it a day. But recently, I’ve been paying more attention to the nutrients I get through my food each day.. and when I realized there were ways to jazz up this simple fave and make it even better for me, it was a game. changer.

Let’s start with the basics. We know green things are good for us. Avocados, specifically, are considered “super foods" for their nutritionally dense make-up. Not only chock full of those heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (yes, HEALTHY FATS), but they’ve also got lots of fiber and potassium!

What else goes on my all-star avocado toast, you ask?

Hemp Seeds- If you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet, these babies should be a staple, for sure! Hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts) are loaded with both omega-3 and protein! They’re also a good source of vitamin E and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium & calcium.

Sprouts- Recently, I’ve been into pea sprouts. But all kinds of sprouts are good on avocado toast! These little gems are one of the richest (and cheapest) sources of an array of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants. They give your metabolism a good boost and help improve digestion, which I can personally vouch for.

Plant People CBD EVOO- My most secret and favorite ingredient! I recently won an Instagram giveaway with Plant Society and was super pumped to try their hemp-infused olive oil. I swapped out my regular EVOO for a drizzle of this CBD product and have been soooo happy with it. It’s just the perfect addition to my already magnificent breakfast :)


Topped off with some sea salt, black pepper & a drizzle of balsamic glaze and YUM. A deliciously green & healthy breakfast, with a little extra zen :)

Hope you enjoy!