How To Keep It Real In The Bloggersphere

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Hey friends! Happy happy Wednesday! This one’s for anyone out there who wants to start a blog but feels….nervous, stuck or doesn’t quite know where to start.

When I started blogging, I quickly found myself wrapped up in harshhhh comparison. I couldn’t figure out how or why other bloggers had SO much engagement on their posts, SO many Pinterest hits, SO many Instagram friends, etc. Instead of being inspired by other boss babes doing the damn thing, I felt jealous, insecure and overwhelmed. Instead of writing about topics I personally loved, I spent hours searching through other blog sites to see which topics got the most interest and traffic. I put waaay too much weight on attempting to appease some “audience,” when what I needed to do all along was just stay authentic. When I decided to really root myself back into authenticity, magic started to unfold before my eyes. I became a part of this big, beautiful blogging community and my little passion project started to flourish.

I don’t consider my blog “well-known” by any means— I have a small, but mighty following & I’ve got lots of love for y’all! The purpose of even having a blog is to make connections, right? And truly, my favorite thing about blogging (and Instagram) are the awesome friendships I’ve gained, that I otherwise would’ve totally missed out on. Blogging comes from the heart. Instead of worrying about Pinterest traffic or the number of “likes” on a post, perspective bloggers out there should prioritize simply being authentic. Keepin’ it real and true to YOU. THAT’S what’s going to attract your tribe. It’s what’s going to fill your heart to the brim!

Here are 5 ways to keep it real in the bloggersphere—

1. Speak authentically-

As a blogger, you want your real voice to shine through your writing. You want to give your readers a true sense of your personality! When I wrote my first blog post, I totalllly tried to make it sound precise & professional, and in the spirit of total transparency, that is NOT me. lol! Don’t get me wrong, I like to think I’m thoughtful about the words I use and I can nail a professional interview when it’s necessary, but in real life, I speak very down to Earth— and that’s how I want to come across on my blog.

2. Stay true to you, booo-

People sign onto blogs hoping to find a genuine connection and realistic inspiration. Staying true to what you believe will ensure the right person finds you when they need you most! Think about it like this— your vibe attracts your tribe. You’ll get the best results and benefits by writing about things you truly love because people feel that passion (yes, even though writing) and are drawn to it.

On the flip side, people sense inauthenticity almost immediately. So forcing yourself to write about a topic just because you think it’ll be a “hit” may actually repel people from your blog entirely.

3. Be mindful about who you work with-

When your blog gains a little bit of traction, brands will reach out for collaborations and features. This can be so so much fun, and I’ve honestly discovered some of my favorite beauty products, yoga brands, etc through these opportunities! When I say “be mindful,” what I mean is this— your blog is basically an expansion of yourself. It represents your brand and what you believe in. Your community likely has the same interests and hobbies as you, so collaborating with a brand you truly enjoy can be beneficial to not only you, but your followers!

On the same note, when you DO collaborate with brands, be fair and honest in your reviews of their products. You don’t want to steer your followers in the wrong direction when they ask your opinion— you care about these people, and they trust your judgement. Whether it’s a beauty product, a pretty dress or a kitchen appliance, recommend to them only the products you whole-heartedly enjoy and brands you want to support.

4. Don’t hide the bad days-

As lifestyle and wellness bloggers, we want our posts to uplift others. It can be hard sometimes to get vulnerable and share something heavy- a fear, a frustration, etc. But we’re all human, we all experience emotions and sometimes it’s nice to just know we aren’t alone in that. I mean, nobody wants to keep reading posts from Debbie Downer, but it’s unrealistic to be happy 100% of the time! Instagram makes it SO easy to highlight the good days, so followers appreciate when you peel back the curtain so they can look past “perfect squares” and feel a deeper connection.

At the same time, don’t feel obligated to share every aspect of your life. You’re entitled to your privacy and sharing what you feel comfortable with.

5. Don’t let anybody change your vision-

The reality is, you just can’t please everybody. And you shouldn’t feel obligated to, either! Example- I love sharing lots of info regarding my plant-based diet, vegan recipes, etc. If I had a dollar for every Facebook comment that challenges my diet and lifestyle choices (que eye roll), I’d quite literally be rich. It took me too long to realize that I don’t need to acknowledge these comments, or even those people for that matter. Just send them love and instead spend energy connecting with your tribe.

My point is- if your blog isn’t someone’s cup of tea, they can simply walk to the coffee shop next door.

6. Engage! Make connections-

If you ask me what my favorite part about blogging has been thus far, it’s connecting with you guys on a deeper level. It’s reading the sweet messages you guys send me, and being able to have genuine conversation about things we mutually love. The blogosphere is a place to support each other, lift each other up and make AWESOME new friends!

So get out there and get bloggin! Adventure, beauty & friendship await!

Sending all love,