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New Moon Manifesting Guide- Get Clear On What You Want (Free Worksheet!)

Ahhhh, hello New Moon!

Do you believe in Moon Magic? I’m a total moon child. I believe that the moon affects us day in and day out, whether we realize it or not. But believer or non-believer, the New Moon is a time of heightened energetic activity. It’s the perfect time to get crystal clear on what we want in life and how we want to feel. The perfect time to start aligning our actions with our intentions and visualize our best selves coming to be. But how exactly do we do this??

The Phases Of The Moon

Before we can fully understand the opportunity in our hands during this New Moon, we need to learn a little bit about the Lunar Cycle. Here’s a quick breakdown-

The New Moon

The primary first phase of the moon. This phase supports the early stages of a developing idea, or planning anything that promotes betterment in your future. It is a time of new beginnings and a great period for exploring new oppurtunities. Basically, it’s where we plant seeds of thoughts that will bloom into goals and start to manifest in the near future.

Waxing Crescent Phase

A time to explore your New Moon intentions. Be courageous as your move forward and keep the faith.

Waxing Moon (First quarter)

At this stage, the moon is gaining intensity, making it a good time to concentrate on amplifying things you already have. Maybe there’s a relationship you want to take to the next level, or you focus more on growing your start up business, etc. Your bank account may thank this phase of the moon, too!

Waxing Gibbous Phase

A time to stay on course, reflect on what’s working and what’s not working and make small adjustments accordingly.

Full Moon

The moon’s most powerful phase. This is the time of fulfillment. There’s a lot of energetic activity around this phase, and it’s a time when you should perfect your thoughts and plans. Meditating and manifesting are most intriguing and successful at this time. It’s all about strength and controlling vibrations for a better outcome.

Waning Gibbous

A time to breathe, take a step back, relax. Practice acceptance and realign your attention to your intention.

Waning Moon (3rd quarter)

An occasion for releasing and concluding. This phase of the moon supports eliminating anything that is personally toxic in your life, such as negative thinking. As the moon begins to shrink, so shall our negative habits . Get rid of difficult relationships, unhealthy habits, etc.

Waning Cresent

Go easy on yourself as the New Moon prepares to arrive again. Welcome healing and soothing experiences. Let go of everything that is no longer serving your being.

Now that we’ve got some basic Lunar knowledge, let’s talk more about the New Moon and how to harness its energy to begin manifesting our best lives. In a nut shell, the New Moon is an opportunity to get our shit together. It’s when we should get clear on what our intentions are, let the universe know and then get to work creating what we desire. If we begin this process a couple days leading up to the New Moon, we’ll be on track to get the most out of our current Lunar cycle.

To help us both dive into this thing without feeling overwhelmed, I created a simple New Moon Manifestation guide! Inside the guide, you can express exactly how you want to feel and what you’d like to create over the next 30 days. We’ll then match our intentions with actions to support them, and create powerful affirmations that will serve as reminders along the way. I also included a short, guided meditation to seal your New Moon ritual and send you off feeling inspired and fueled with passion.

After completing the worksheet, come back for some Final Tips on manifesting your new moon intentions

  1. Keep your affirmations in sight- When it comes to goals and aspirations, distance does not make the heart grow fonder. So keep your New Moon intentions close by as the next Lunar cycle unfolds. Remain deeply intimate with the things you want and how you want to feel. Journal about them, add them to your planner, write them on sticky notes and put them on mirrors, desktop screens, in your car, etc. Be mindful of the spaces that resonate with your day and keep your affirmations there.

  2. Talk your intentions up- Talk talk talk about your goals as often as you’d like, with as many people as you’d like. Talk about them so much that you get tired of hearing yourself talk about them. The more we talk about things, the more we believe them and the easier it is to start DOING.

  3. Connect mind, body & universe- Work your intentions into your yoga practice. Move the energy of the New Moon through your body and fully connect it to that which you wish to create.

Enjoy this time of new beginnings, my friends! I’m sending you all love, light & happiness along the journey!