5 Ways To Be More Present In Your Everyday Life


Mindfulness— we all strive for it. We all want the ease, grace and peace of mind that comes with a mindful lifestyle. To be able to fully accept where we are in the present moment.

If you’re questioning your ability to live mindfully, fear not! Becoming a more mindful person doesn't happen overnight. Like most things, it takes practice. Over the last year, I've prioritized and paid attention to the things that help me sloooow down & feel more present, and some habits I had to ditch along the way. So, today I have racked my brain to put together a list of habits to incorporate into your daily life that will guide you towards a more mindful lifestyle— 

Journal it out- Keep things flowing! Allowing our thoughts to become stuck and stagnant will leave us feeling blocked and frustrated. When overwhelming thoughts come swirling about, grab a journal and jot them down. Then make the conscious decision to either let them go, or return to them at a later date.

Listen without interrupting- Yes. Start listening to people when they speak to you, I mean reaaaaally listening. Often times in conversation, we unintentionally block out what someone is saying in order to remember the next thing we want to say. When we have genuine interest in the conversation, you’ll find it flows naturally and you won’t need to plan your next comment.

Stop multi-tasking, start single-tasking- Did you know it's actually impossible to really "multi task?" Your mind literally cannot be in two places at once. So, instead of giving little bits of attention to many things, give your full attention to one of those things at a time.

Let your phone die- Whether it’s for work or just scrolling through the gram, we spend hours a day on our phones. It’s virtually impossible to be present while scrolling through our feeds; social media, especially, keeps us either in the past playing “catch up” on old posts, or in the future planning new ones. Our brains are constantly being stimulated and if we don’t allow them time to decompress, we’ll feel antsy and on-edge. So, unplug by a certain hour at night. Leave your phone to charge in another room and enjoy the extra time with your family or significant other.

Come back to gratitude- I truly believe our biggest components of a present and mindful lifestyle is simply gratitude. It’s too easy to get caught up in worries about our future and in turn, take for granted THIS moment in time. Make it a point to return to a place of gratitude a couple times throughout your day. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Be grateful for your morning workout or meditation. You could even just feel gratitude for the car getting you to work today. Begin each day with a grateful heart, and watch the rest fall into place.


What brings you back down to Earth throughout the day and keeps you feeling present? Share below or connect with me on the gram!

Sending all love,