Welcoming July- The Month Of Trust

From a young age, it's embedded in our heads that we need to be in full control of every aspect of our lives from our learning abilities, our emotions, careers, etc. Because of this, when we feel even the slightest bit out of control of the direction of our lives, we panic. We become stressed, depressed and feel helpless.



The theme for this month has actually been a reoccurring word for me over the last couple months, reminding me that everything works out in due time and that at the end of the day, none of us are ever truly "in control" in the first place. Trust. 

While I'm in this transitional stage in life (although, when aren't we in a transitional stage in life?), I continue to remind myself of two things-

To trust the magic of new beginnings;

And to trust where I am on my journey- because I am exactly where I'm supposed to be at this moment.

I encourage you to jump into this brand new month with a sense of trusting the universe and trusting yourself!


Yoga Pose Of The Month

Crow pose (Bakasana) is the perfect pose to practice realllly trusting. It requires a combination of pushing yourself slightly out of your comfort zone, but finding your balance and your edge before pushing too far.

crow pose.JPG

Tips For Crow Pose

Start with your knees as high up towards your arm pits as possible

Practice by gently lifting one foot completely off the mat, and then the other, and then both!

Pressing your elbows into your thighs and thighs into your elbows will add a little extra "lift" of energy, helping you balance

Keep your gaze slightly forward on your mat, not straight down- always look towards where you're going!


Mantras Of The Month

"I trust my journey"

"I trust my process"

"I am becoming" 

"I am fearlessly my true self"

The above mantras stand for being true to yourself. They stand for trusting that you have what it takes to make those dreams of yours come true. Nothing lasting will come easy, but you do have everything you need to make it happen! If you keep truckin towards your goals, the universe will work with you. Trust it, too.


Essential Oil Of The Month

Elevation- My favorite oil blend! A sweet citrusy aroma of lavandin flower, tangerine peel, lavender, clary sage, hawaiin sandal wood and clary sage. It's a super joyful blend and is perfect for those moments when you need to be revitalized. Diffusing Elevation honestly enhances my own feelings of confidence, elevates my mood (hence the name) and increases my energy!

Get yours here!