5 Habits I'm Really Happy I Picked Up Through Yoga

Hey, y'all! Lately, I've been catching myself smiling at nothing, my general attitude is happier, I'm motivated to go out and chase my dreams - I'm feelin' good. When I stopped to think about what might have this effect on me, I realized it allll ties back to my yoga practice and a collection of habits I've picked up along the way.

Yoga is not about how flexible you are. It's not about how long you can hangout in a handstand. Yoga is sincerely a personal journey of the mind, body and soul, and since the start of this journey, yoga has had a snowball effect on my life. I've started to pay more attention to the decisions I make regarding not only my diet and physical health, but also mindfulness and emotional well-being. My life has flourished since I started to bring my yoga practice off my mat and into my daily life. I'm here today to share some of these happy habits!

Here are 5 habits I am really glad that I picked up through my yoga practice-


Being more mindful 

Moving with control and not rushing through movements on my mat has transformed my day-to-day life. I'm no longer that person who is half listening to your story but also half thinking about everything I need to do later on. Being more mindful translates to really listening and being present- not only during conversations with others, but to my own body and feelings.


Slowing down

We live in a super rushed society. Throwing a fit over a traffic jam or the line of the Starbucks drive through won't change the circumstance, but it will take away from your peace. Ain't nobody got time fo that. Patience & mindfulness, my friends.

Slowing down also gives us time to reflect. Without reflection, there can be no growth.


Accepting what is/what isn't

Some days, I can fold completely in half, other days, my hamstrings are too tight to fold at all. Just as I've learned to honor my body and where it's at on my mat, I'm learning to honor where I'm at in all aspects of my life. 


Making Time For What's Important

Making time for my yoga practice daily has helped me realize that I can also find time for other things in my life that make me feel whole and happy. This includes things like hanging with friends, cooking a good dinner and going on walks with my dog!


Being Open To The Unexpected

"Going with the flow" has really stemmed from being open to wherever the flow takes me on my mat. Some days I arrive for practice expecting to sweat, but end up in more restorative poses. Other times, vice versa- it all depends on how I feel.

The same goes for other areas of life. Stay open and accepting, y'all! 


What are some of the habits you've picked up since beginning your yoga journey? I want to hear about how yoga has changed YOUR life!