Yogi Essentials- What's In My Yoga Bag!?

As I'm approaching the last few weeks of my teacher training, I've been running around like a mad woman taking all the yoga classes I can squeeze into my days. I just can't get enough of the different studios, vibes, teaching styles, etc. I am a sponge absorbing alllll of the yoga teaching goodness that is thrown my way! Yesterday morning, before hopping in the Subaru on my way to class, I found myself going through a checklist of the belongings in my bag. So, I thought it would be fun (and maybe helpful) to share what I am sure to have in my yoga bag at all times! So, what are my yogi essentials? 


Yogi Essentials


Jade yoga mat

It took me a while to find a yoga mat that truly stole my heart, but Jade did itI! I loveeee the material it's made of (you won't slip on this baby!), the color options, and the fact that they're made local is a sweet bonus!


Mat cleaner

I love my Lavender infused Herbal Essentials mat cleaning towelettes (Mike's gram got me these for Christmas, does she know me or what!?) But recently, I've been super into making my own yoga mat spray using Döterra essential oils.. Just grab a small spray bottle, combine 10 drops of Lavender, 10 drops of Lemon and some water. Spritz and wipe off your mat after each class to keep it fresh & smelling lovely!


Essential Oil & Chapstick

Peppermint oil is my go-to in yoga class. Applying a few drops to my forehead and the back of my neck keeps me coool as a cucumber and also helps to clear my airways for a deeper breath throughout practice.

Along with my oil, I always, repeat, always have chapstick on hand. I just can't stand dry lips. I'm a huge fan of Döterra's original lip balm infused with peppermint and wild orange essential oils!


$20 cash and hair ties

I've never experienced a yoga class drop-in cost more than about $18, but I have arrived at studios who only accept cash payments! Keeping $20 (in 5's) tucked away in my bag ensures I never get stuck in a pickle. I try to forget that it's in there so that it's saved for emergencies only!

I also wrap the cash in a couple extra hair ties. I'm the queen of breaking and/or losing hair ties. It's hard to breathe deep in yoga class when you're swallowing your hair (ugh).


Re-usable smoothie cup

I always go out of my way to find a yummy green protein smoothie or juice after class (this is the best time to drink them, by the way). I carry my re-usable smoothie cup purchased from Nourishing Storm because I hate to think about how many plastic, disposable cups (and straws) I would otherwise go through! Since the cup has a lid & straw, it doubles as my water bottle throughout class :)


What are YOUR yogi essentials!? Share below!

Happy practicing!