Welcoming June, Summer And ADVENTURE!

Welcome! Are you, like me, diving into the beginning of Summer head first, with an open heart and the desire to experience new things?! I sure hope so!

I think of June as the month of exploration and discovery. This is when the sun is shining it's brightest and road trips start calling my name. So, it should come as no surprise here that the theme for this month is Adventure.

The most obvious form of adventuring is travel, and don't get me wrong- I am ready to pack up the car and GO. However, adventure truly comes in many forms. This summer, I'm starting a new journey as an official certified yoga instructor, a brand ambassador for BANGS shoes and I'm planning our wedding! All of these things present their own kind of experience! So, whether you're preparing for a road trip or entering a new chapter in life, it's the perfect time to embrace the adventure


Quote of the month 

"There's the whole world at your feet" - Mary Poppins

How accurate is this when you really stop and think about it? The world is legitimately yours for the taking. There is nobody standing in your way of exploring this great big somewhere! Or chasin' your dreams! Or taking that big leap in your life! 

Think about it- everything you need is already in your own hands. Whether it's saving money, marking the dates off on your calendar or setting new goals to achieve. Remember, the only limitations that exist are the ones in your own mind.


Yoga Pose of the Month

Wild Thing! We all have a wild thing deep down inside of us, and we gotta let that part of us come out to play once in a while! Maybe even let it carve a new adventurous path for us to take. Add some fun variations of Wild Thing into your practice this month and inspire yourself to explore (both on AND off your mat)!

wild thing.jpeg


Tips for Wild Thing

  • This pose is meant to be a heart opener! Let it shine!

  • Create space between your shoulders and ears

  • Elongate your neck and reach through the crown of your head- don't let them hang

  • Activate your core and lift those hips higher!

  • Gaze towards fingertips

  • Modify by bringing one knee down to the earth


Mantras of the month

"I am open"

"I am ALIVE"

"I welcome the unknown" 

"I am All In"

"I set no limitations for myself"


Essential Oil of the Month

I recently discovered a delicious blend of Lime, Grapefruit and Peppermint (shout out to my yoga teacher, Meg). It's super playful, uplifting and just the right amount of zesty! Combine the three in a DIY roller bottle from Döterra or diffuse the mixture!


I hope you set your intentions this month to awaken the wild side of yourself- to explore new opportunities, accept them with an open mind and LIVE! ! I'll leave you with one more quote from a very smart elephant-

"Don't just fly, SOAR" - Dumbo

Dive into your new adventure head first and with everything you've got!

Or else, what's the point?

What adventures are you taking this Summer? Let's talk!


Sending all Love,


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Kimber is a fellow soul searcher, yoga instructor, and proud dog mama. She invites you along her own journey to wellness and hopes to inspire people to be the healthiest & happiest version of themselves every day!