Life Update- Some Exciting News!

Hello to you my small, but mighty following!

First, I want to apologize for my lack of presence over the last week or so. Life has been a WHIRLWIND! Since I last posted, we ventured down to West Palm, Florida for a vacation I'll never forget because guess what?


Here's a little snippet of how Mike surprised the heck out of me on a beautiful beach in Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve

I've gotten a lot of questions about how exactly he caught these moments. I have to give it to him, the set up was pretty sly!

Mike's a photographer, so I thought nothing of it when he told me he'd be connecting with other photographers down in West Palm for tips on where to catch the best photos. But actually, he was reaching out to different people to find the perfect match to help him make this surprise possible. The girl he chose was a gem. When we met with her and started searching for those "good spots to photograph," it felt like we were hanging out with friends- super casual and fun! She very simply asked if she could start snapping some pictures of us in the beautiful sunset lighting and we agreed, of course. 

I think he managed to get 2 words out before excitement took over and I interrupted him yelling "YES!" 

This magical moment was followed by a little engagement photo session and a champagne celebration on the beach. Between the entire secret being kept so well among my family and friends, the beautiful sunset and the champagne and glasses my sister managed to sneak past me onto the beach, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. 

I've been floating on a cloud. Total. Bliss. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to know that the place my heart will live forever is in the hands of my best friend.

After a week of celebrating and seeing Ice Cube perform live (yeah, it's checked off my bucket list), we came home with a strong new inspiration and motivation to pack up and relocate to some place warm. Florida has a special place in my heart, however we're torn about staying on the East Coast or taking the leap to somewhere further away (got my eye on you, San Diego). We're aiming for a moving date in October, after graduating Yoga Teacher Training. Stay tuned for the process and journey!

Now that I've had a couple days to recuperate and also fight off a weird little virus I had going on, I'm so excited to be back here in my happy place, writing, flowing and connecting with you guys. 

Stop by tomorrow if you're in search of an all natural, totally affordable and effective skincare routine!

Sending all love,


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Kimber is a fellow soul searcher, yoga instructor, and proud dog mama. She invites you along her own journey to wellness and hopes to inspire people to be the healthiest & happiest version of themselves every day!