Welcoming May, Growth & Planting Seeds

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Hi, lovelies. I hope this post finds you all well! 

Ah, the beauty of May. The world around us is in full bloom, and so shall we be! May is the time of year that nature is really growing and thriving, leading us to our theme for this month- Grow.

If you have a garden or feel called to create one, you could totally take this theme literally, sending all your love to your garden. Plant seeds for an abundance of beauty & nourishment, and maybe even plant some sunflower seeds to attract more sunshine into your life!

If you feel like there are places you need to grow spiritually, mentally, etc., ask yourself this- What do I want to manifest into my life? Where do I need to allow myself to grow? 

Set your intention here and we'll plant the seeds that will, with the right amount of love & nurturing, flourish into the beauty that is our manifestations coming to life.


Quote of the Month

"Like a Wildflower; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." - E.V.

BUT! We are going to replace the word "people," with "you." You must allow yourself to grow in all the places you thought you never would.

You've set your intentions, you've sent a clear message to the universe surrounding what you want to manifest and in what areas of your life. Now, you must allow yourself to grow there.

Think about this- Where are you now vs. where you want to be? What's in your way of reaching that place?

We tend to believe that growth has to be difficult and painful. However, by the laws of evolution, it is already in us to change- all we must do is be willing. The truth is, it's not the growing that's hard so much as allowing ourselves to grow. What makes the process difficult is when we hold ourselves back, when we resist. And why do we resist? One word: fear.


A note on Fear

Fear was instilled in us for a reason, and a good reason at that. Without fear, we'd make some pretty stupid mistakes while we're driving cars, crossing roads, etc. Fear is what stops us from jumping off 100 ft cliffs into shallow water. So, we can appreciate fear and we can let it stick around. However, when we're faced with decisions that are based on either love or fear, when we're choosing whether or not to allow ourselves to grow, NEVER let fear make the call. Letting fear make these kinds of decisions will lead you down a stagnant, boring and uncreative path. Yuck. 

Before I started my Yoga Teacher Training, I battled myself for weeks whether I truly wanted to dive into the experience or not. I questioned my financial ability, my work schedule, etc. A handful of (what felt like) legitimate reasons to back out kept popping up in my head. But one day, mid mental argument, it occurred to me that this "voice of reason" was none other than fear I held for this new opportunity! Fear was telling me "no, this adventure is not for you, wait for the next one." And in a desperate attempt to get me to comply, fear was listing any reason it could for me to turn and run. Luckily, somebody close to me pointed out that none of these situations were reason enough not to go through with the training, so I signed up and ignored whatever fear had left to say. And guess what? Everything worked out. Totally fine. More than fine!

I have grown emotionally, spiritually, physically and every other way possible during my yoga teacher training. If I had listened to fear at the time of my decision to take this opportunity, I would have missed out on one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I wouldn't have met the people who I now call my yogi family and I wouldn't have found the inspiration and courage to follow my true path to find success, happiness and growth in all areas of my life.


Mantras of the Month

"I am driven by love, not fear"

"I am Open to the new and the changing"

"I am flexible & Flowing"

"I am allowing"


Yoga Pose of the Month

Tree Pose- Vrksasana

When we're talking about growth and the month of May, what's more perfect than Tree pose?!

This could be a simple, mindful balance pose by keeping the foot in a kick stand (heel to ankle) and hands at heart center. Work this into your practice and come back to your intention here.

Or get creative and play in your tree pose! My favorite thing to do is interlace my fingers behind my back, melt my shoulders down and enjoy a delicious heart-opener. You could even make your tree pose dance by finding some swaying motion, just as trees flow with the wind during a storm.

If you want to take it even further for a challenge, try shifting your gaze upwards or even closing your eyes for a totally different experience!


Tips for Tree Pose

  • Root down through all four corners of your standing foot

  • Start with your foot low on the leg until you're balanced enough to shift the leg up onto either the calf or inner thigh

  • Avoid placing your foot on your knee!!!

  • Pay attention to the dual action of pressing your foot into your thigh and thigh into your foot (this will help your balance)

  • Do not sink into the standing leg's hip, rather pull everything in and up, sending energy all the way through the crown of the head

  • Find that dristy, y'all!

tree pose.jpg


Essential Oil of the Month

The oil I'll be diffusing all this month is Arise from Döterra's Yoga Collection. This blend of Lemon and Grapefruit oils is not only just a lovely smell (sometimes I'll apply this to my wrists in place of perfume), but very enlightening, uplifting and motivating!

Get your Arise oil here

Life is full of risks, adventures, lessons to learn & grow from. Say yes to the risks and adventures! Say yes to opportunity. Say yes to growing in all the places you thought you never would! Make your decisions based on love, not fear. Remember that some of the most beautiful things in our lives come from pushing ourselves just slightly further than we're used to. I mean really, think about what could be waiting for you right outside of your comfort zone! Becoming the best versions of ourselves means we become better friends, family members, boyfriend/girlfriends, etc. So, allow yourself to grow, flourish & create your own best life!

Sending all love,




Kimber is a fellow soul searcher, yoga instructor, and proud dog mama. She invites you along her own journey to wellness and hopes to inspire people to be the healthiest & happiest version of themselves every day!