5 Simple ways to Go Green in your daily routines!

Very good day, friends! I hope this Spring weather loveliness is treating you all well! Today, in honor of Earth Day, I want to cover some super simple changes we can all adjust throughout our daily routines, making it SO easy to Go Green!!

Pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, the list goes on. These are just a few of many environmental problems that our planet is facing right now. It's come to my attention that while more and more people want to make a change for the better, they aren't quite sure what they can do or where to start to make a difference for our planet. After all, we're just one person, right? 

Contrary to popular belief, doing your part to impact our earth doesn't require big changes to your lifestyle, nor do you have to be a "hippie" to care about the planet. You don't need to be the person diving in between the bulldozer and the rainforest in order to protect the trees (although if you stand up for our forests- rock on!). Doing your part can be as simple as using an eco-friendly toothbrush or carpooling to work a few days a week. All of us making small changes in our daily routines will add up and overtime, help to leave a softer footprint. Here are some extremely simple tips to making your days more green!


Reduce your use of plastic by investing in re-usable items!

As you can imagine, the number of coffee cups, water bottles, and plastic bags used in America each day is HUGE. Unfortunately, the number of these items that get thrown into landfills (or littered along the streets) is almost just as big. In fact, plastic is so abundant in our oceans that by the year 2050, there's predicted to be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish. Yikes! 

To make your daily routines more eco-friendly, try replacing these things:

Swap disposable coffee cups with a reusable coffee cup- This is becoming popular in a lot of local coffee shops. In fact, Starbucks now has the option to purchase a reusable coffee cup for $2.00, which then gets you a discount on all coffee refills. Awesome! 

If you make your coffee at home, consider replacing your Keurig with a regular pot coffee maker. Maybe it's not as instantly gratifying, however the Keurig pods are not recyclable and pile up in landfills very fast. Plus, many regular coffee makers have options for the pot size and timers to automatically start making your coffee in the A.M! Pretty cool, huh?

Swap plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle- refilling your own water bottle can also save some dollars in the long run!

Swap plastic straws for stainless steel, bamboo, or no straw at all- When ordering a drink, politely request no straw whenever it's possible. If you're a chronic on-the-go smoothie drinker like me, invest in a few bamboo straws (I purchased mine from strawfree.org) that are easily transportable and washable!

Swap plastic bags with reusable shopping bags- Leave them in your car if you're prone to forgetting them at home (like I was). Bonus- places like Whole Foods offer discounts for bringing your own grocery bags with you! 

If you still forget your reusable shopping bags once in a while (guilty, we're only human), recycle them as liners for small trash bins around the house or even as doggie-poo bags!


Reduce air pollution by using sustainable transportation

We all know that the emissions from our cars don't help our desperate fight against air pollution on Earth. But did you know there are some simple changes you could make to limit the amount of car pollutants we emit into the air?

If you live within a reasonable distance to work, and don't mind a little cardio, invest in a bicycle! This is not only great for the environment, but you will enjoy the fresh air and release some of those endorphins on your way into the office. 

If bike rides aren't your jam, ask around your workplace to see if there is anybody within a reasonable distance to carpool! Alternate who drives and who picks up the coffee for the day (in your re-usable coffee cups, of course!)

April is Earth month! Make small changes in your daily routine and contribute to keeping our planet clean!

April is Earth month! Make small changes in your daily routine and contribute to keeping our planet clean!

Keep your hygiene & beauty routines Green

Mike and I recently ditched (aka recycled, duh!) our old plastic toothbrushes to try some made from bamboo- and they are the best! Not only are they super comfortable and easy to keep clean, but I feel so good every night knowing this little change will help us lessen our negative impact on the Earth. The less plastic in your household, the better!

We use SenzaBamboo toothbrushes, by the way. Find them at your local CVS!

Other things you could do here include turning the sink off while you're brushing, or even shaving (Instead of leaving the water running, fill a couple inches in the sink to rinse off your razor). Believe it or not, these small adjustments could save about 6 gallons of water per day- that's 180 per month! 

Check out my post on how to make your shower cruelty-free and green!


Scoop up loose trash on the sidewalks

Okay, I'm not saying you need to throw on an orange jumpsuit and spend your day collecting trash off the streets of your neighborhood. However, keeping an eye out for trash or recyclables you could simply pick up and place in their designated bins could help in our effort to clean up pollution (land and sea). This is nice to keep in mind when you're walking the dog, walking to work, etc. Imagine what a difference we could make if every person in the world picked up even just one piece of trash each day?


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

The easiest way to do your part in going green is simply recycling correctly! When I'm unsure what can and cannot be recycled, I return to this handy article. Commitment is key! We invested in a $10 bin to place next to our trash can in the kitchen, which makes it super easy and accessible to recycle! 


While all of these incredibly simple changes could make a difference in our impact on Earth, the most important thing you could do to help save our planet is share information. Educate your family and friends on the global issues we're facing and ask for their help in nourishing our planet back to good health by going more green! Remember, small changes lead to big movements!

Earth will thank you by remaining a loving and welcoming environment for our future.

How do you stay green? Leave a comment below!


Kimber is a fellow soul searcher, yoga instructor, and proud dog mama. She invites you along her own journey to wellness and hopes to inspire people to be the healthiest & happiest version of themselves every day!