Home date ideas for a cozy and romantic Valentine's Day

Nobody can deny the abundance of love particles swirling around the air during the month of February. Not only is it the birthday month of yours truly (wink), but every year during the second week of February, we get to witness as relationships of all kinds, old and new, are cherished and appreciated. Valentine's day gives everybody in the world an excuse to act sappy, to write that lovey Instagram post, to upload the "kissy" pic that our friends might normally laugh at us for, send sweet surprises and most importantly, make the one we adore feel undoubtedly special. On Valentine's day, we'd all love to spoil our loved one's with the gifts, vacations and 5 star dinners they deserve. But a romantic Valentine's celebration doesn't need to be an expensive one! In fact, I find something even more special in the idea of an intimate night spent at home. With just a little bit of thoughtfulness, you can create the stay-in, magical Valentine's night of your dreams (seriously, I'm speaking from experience). In honor of Valentine's day and the couples who like to keep it low-key (like us), I've written a guideline to having a cozy and meaningful night at home.

Use pieces of furniture to support your blanket fort. Then decorate it on the inside with pretty lights & cozy pillows!

Night includes a cozy blanket fort, dinner + dessert, some corny movies, laughter, wine (if it's your thing), conversation, an optional little surprise and maybe a kiss (or 100).

First thing's first- build your sheet fort! Our first Valentine's day, Mike and I had fun collecting random pieces of furniture for this project together, however coming home to a surprise blanket fort already set up wouldn't be horrible, either! Use clothespins to secure sheets over the backs of chairs, tables, etc. Build the fort around an air mattress for added comfort, or if you're like us and don't own an air mattress, fill your fort with fluffy blankets and pillows to make it perfectly cozy. Set your entrance up with a clear view of the TV (for #3 on the guideline), or bring along your laptop. We decorated the inside with some battery operated pink string lights and, for some added cuteness, some polaroid pictures of us.

Second- Dinner! You can get creative for this one, too, surprising your boo with their favorite meal ready upon their arrival home from work, or making it a date to prepare the meal together. If you guys are food network fans, you could even find an episode from your favorite cooking show, collect the ingredients and partake in a makeshift cooking class in the comfort of your own kitchen! Get a little fancy with your herbs and spices (it's a special occasion, after all). Feel free to pick up some wine that pairs well with the food. And absolutely, do not forget dessert!!

Ask your partner what their favorite meal is, and have it cooking when they arrive home from work! The perfect Valentine's surprise!

Third- After sitting down to enjoy your romantic candle-lit dinner for two, grab the wine (and maybe a second serving of dessert) and report back to the blanket fort! Here's your playlist of Romantic Comedy movies to snuggle up to:

  • No Strings Attached

  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  • Valentine's Day (duh)

  • The Big Sick

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love

Note: While I'm all about movies that make me say "awww," please don't feel obligated to stick to the stereotypical idea of watching romantic movies on Valentine's Day if they're just not your thing. Collaborate with your guy/girl. If sic-fi is more up your alley then mix it up with some aliens! Maybe some aliens in loooove!? - If anybody discovers such a movie, please let me know!


Lastly, the perfect cap to a thoughtful, stay-in V day is a little homemade DIY gift. Since ice cream is our favorite food to share, on our first Valentine's day together, I gave Mike 2 hand painted ice cream mugs. It involved $5 mugs from Target, sharpie paint markers and putting them in the oven to set. Super simple, super cute and we still eat our ice cream out of them every movie night. You can find similarly easy ideas that won't break your wallet over on Pinterest! A home-made card is an added bonus.

While flowers and chocolates are always welcomed, the most important thing to remember this upcoming Valentine's Day is that the best present is simply your presence. On this day, my hope for everybody reading is that you spend it with the one you love. Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day big with a fancy date night out or you use this guideline for a low-key, intimate night at home, let's remember the meaning behind this holiday. Appreciate that no matter what you're doing together, you're doing it together.

And spread the love, y'all!

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed any of these at-home, cozy Valentine's date ideas and share what you loved the most about your day!