My Favorite Skincare Products Of The Winter

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Hey friends!

Living on the East Coast, there are so many things to love this time of year. Changing of the seasons, Winter solstice, the start of a new year representing a fresh, new beginning. There are so many beautiful things happening around us, but one thing that ain’t so enjoyable is the effect of the cold weather on our skin.

I started to think about this a couple weeks ago when my sister visited from West Palm, Florida, and watched her sun-kissed skin become dry, flaky & tight. All you Pennsylvania babes know first hand how harsh this time of year is on our poor hands, body, & and most importantly, our face!

Even those of us who maintain a proper skincare regimen can fall victim to the cold, dry winter air. The cracks in between our fingers, the chapped lips, etc. Thanks to the #bloggerlife, I have been super fortunate to not only discover the best healthy skincare tips, but also try many different (all natural) skincare brands throughout the last year or so.

These products have been put to the ultimate, winter-weather test and some have now become a part of my daily routine, helping to keep my face smooth, soothed & soft— so I’m MORE than happy to share them with you guys!!!

Here are my favorite winter skincare products—

A Good Facial Cleanser

I’ve been loading my skin up with the most moisturizing products I can find, which can lead to lots of nasty build-up if I’m not cleansing properly! I’ve tried a million new face cleansers over the last couple months, but let’s talk about my favorite—

Let’s talk MixEasy

Oh. My. Gosh. Not long ago a friend reached out to see if I knew anything about this newly discovered beauty brand- MixEasy. I hadn’t heard of it, so of course I hopped on the old gram to do some research. Now, y’all know I’m normally just a sea salt scrub and coconut oil kinda girl, BUT. I reallllllly liked what I found— all natural, cruelty-free, VEGAN products make me the happiest! Plus, the idea of curating my own skincare products was very intriguing…

If you’ve visited their website already (peep it here), you’ll know that MixEasy allows you to EASILY MIX your own blends, creating a personalized skincare regimen for your skin. First, pick your skin type- Oily, Dry or Normal/Combination. I chose combination because my skin experiences such ups and downs during the winter. Next, choose 5 main ingredients to make up your wash & cream. There are about 28 different natural extracts to pick from, so there truly is something for everyone.

What I love the most about Mixeasy is the explanation under each potential add-in, where it comes from and how it can help your skin or hair, making things really easy and convenient.

The ingredients in my facial cleanser- Arnica extract, Rosehip extract, Blackcurrant extract, Linden tree extract & Rice Silk

The final step is choosing between their 4 fragrance options (I LOVE Sunshine Dance!) and wa-la! A nourishing, cleansing, & personalized all-natural beauty product delivered to your front door! Bonus- You can even name your creation!


A Nourishing Moisturizer

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, making it an essential part of our daily hygiene routine. After scrubbing off makeup, dirt & dead skin, it’s important to MOISTURIZE! In fact, your moisturizing game will honestly make or break your entire skincare routine.

I purchased MixEasy’s face cream along with their wash, and I’m smitten. The super lightweight texture makes it perfect to apply under my makeup, and I chose some active brightening ingredients to make my face look radiant.

Luce Farm Hemp

Ok, I’ve been a lover of Luce Farm’s CBD extract for a couple months now (and plan on writing a post more about this soon!). Recently, they were kind enough to gift me their hemp infused balm and rub to experiment with, too. And HAPPY is a genuine understatement.

The rub works almost like an all-natural icy-hot on sore muscles (minus the actual icy feeling that I’m not a fan of), easing tension out of my body, while the hemp-infused balm has worked wonders for my poor little dry hands and lips. Whether Mike and I are out hiking and exploring, or just taking Q on his daily walks, the cold air really starts to attack my skin. And regular lotion was just not cutting it to soothe the cracks between my fingers and chapped lips. Introducing this all-natural and sustainably grown hemp balm has transformed my skin from dry and flaky to smooooth and nourished.

As Always, Coconut Oil

Through every season and every type of weather, coconut oil is my constant. While I’m loving my face cream and hemp balm this season, there’s nothing like keeping a jar of coconut oil right on the bathroom shelf in quick reach. Not only is it easier to cover larger areas of my skin (arms and legs), but its gentle qualities still make it my first choice for a natural makeup remover!

As winter keeps abrewin’, I’ll keep you guys updated about any changes to my skincare routine. Lawd knows this cold weather doesn’t do our skin any good, but with the right routine, products & love, we can prevent that dreadful overly dry and irritated feeling, and keep our skin feeling happy and nourished! As always, I hope you found something useful in this post. If you have any Winter skincare secrets of your own, feel free to share them below or reach out on Instagram!!

Sending all love,