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Hi, I’m Kimber

I’m a wifey & mama-to-be, here to share my personal learnings along this ever-evolving journey to a well, sustainable & happy lifestyle. I believe in a solid mixture of green drinks, desserts, hard work & belly laughs. So happy you’re here!


A Little more about me-

My own past struggles with self-care and mindfulness have driven my desire to guide others along their journey to living their best, most beautiful lives.

I found yoga while battling depression, just going through the motions of my day-to-day life. Put simply, I was stuck. I fell in love with my practice and discovered that the more time I spent on my mat, the easier I could breathe. At the same time, the more I mindfully cut out unhealthy habits in other areas of my life, the more positivity I felt radiating throughout my days. Before I knew it, I was becoming unstuck- new inspiration swirling and paving my own path to a happier and more fulfilled life! 

I started to express my feelings about my own journey to wellness through short Instagram captions and Facebook tangents, and the messages I received in response were incredible! I've never adored a feeling more than the one I get when somebody reaches out to say they were inspired by something I wrote.

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